Nomination Letters

Carole Blair, Professor, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Past President, NCA

Roseann is a whole professional as an academic—a fine scholar, a highly motivated and much honored teacher, and a seemingly tireless leader in this Association as well as others. She has serious credentials and visibility internationally. Everything about her career demonstrates how much she values diversity and inclusion. She seems a born leader, someone who can lead even in the midst of fraught disagreements and conflict. And perhaps most importantly, she has great ideas and the energy and commitment to see them through to become new realities.

The past leadership work that I believe most qualifies Roseann, even more than her roles in SSCA and on NCA’s Diversity Council, is her two terms on the NCA Finance Board and her service in each term as chair for one year. When I was an officer, I wished I had served on the FB first, not because of the hard work, but because of the knowledge of the Association one gains in doing that work. And Roseann has served two terms, not the usual one; if anyone knows the ins and outs of this Association, it’s her.  

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Bonnie Dow, Dean of Humanities, Vanderbilt University
Chair, NCA Publications Council

Professor Mandziuk is, without a doubt, one of the most qualified candidates ever to be nominated for this office. She has recently completed a term as President of the Southern States Communication Association, she has served as a journal editor, she has chaired interest groups in multiple professional associations, and she is an award-winning scholar and teacher. All of these roles provide crucial training for serving as NCA President.

I can also testify that Professor Mandziuk is a thoughtful, collaborative, and highly responsible person—you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has worked with her that would not sing her praises. I have personally never heard anyone describe her in other than glowing terms. Indeed, the many leadership roles she has already played in NCA and at her university are an indicator that her colleagues trust her as an academic leader.

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Carl Cates, Dean of Liberal Arts and Communication, Arkansas State University
Past Executive Director, Southern States Communication Association

I know of few others who could match Roseann’s credentials or contributions to the discipline.

As colleagues at SSCA and NCA, I have observed her support and exercise of best practices in leadership. I value her organizational and skills and communication style so deeply that I tried to recruit her twice to accept nomination for executive director of SSCA …. She has the ability to examine issues from multiple views, a skill worth emulating.

Finally, let me say that I support Roseann Mandziuk’s full consideration because she makes those around her better people.  Her civility in adversity and personal integrity are exemplary.  She has the ability to persevere through challenges that would have stopped those with less strength of character.

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Thomas K. Nakayama, Professor, Northeastern University

Roseann has served the National Communication Association in an exemplary manner.
There are few faculty members who can match her work for the national association.

Roseann has consistently demonstrated over the years that she has tremendous integrity, high ethical standards, strong leadership skills and a wonderful way of interacting with others. I would be hard pressed to think of another person who has contributed so much to the field and to NCA, in so many ways, at so many levels and given such high quality leadership. Taken together, Roseann has demonstrated incredible leadership and commitment to communication studies that is stunning in both its quantity and quality.

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