Mary Stuckey, Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Proud and happy to support Roseann Mandziuk’s candidacy for NCA 2nd VP. She’s smart, dedicated, hard-working, and compassionate. Please consider giving her your vote.

Kari Anderson, Professor, Colorado State University

I got to know Roseann when she chaired the women’s caucus. I can think of few people who are as dedicated to *all* the members of our association. She brings an intersectional feminist perspective to everything she does and works in a highly professional, collaborative way. We’re lucky that good people like her are still willing serve in this demanding (and often thankless) capacity. If you’re a member of NCA, please vote for Roseann!

Stephen Smith, Professor, University of Arkansas

Roseann Mandziuk says: “Particularly in this turbulent era of ostensible post-truths and fractured communities, we need to vigorously defend the value of our research, the pursuit of knowledge, and the essential role of civil debate and dialogue in a democratic society.” Vote for her.

Sonja Foss, Professor, University of Colorado-Denver

Roseann has the administrative skills, the knowledge of NCA, and unbeatable credentials as a scholar and teacher that we expect of NCA presidents. She would be a superb representative of our organization.  Read full statement: S_Foss endorsement

Richard West, NCA Past President, Professor, Emerson College

As the election opens for NCA, I want to fully endorse my dear friend, Roseann Mandziuk for 2nd VP.  When I was on the Executive Council several years ago, Roseann was the Finance Board Chair–and what a wonderful, thoughtful, curious person she was and is now!  She epitomized collegiality whe KNOW she disagreed with me. She always came to the retreats and meetings fully equipped–with knowledge, NCA history, and a healthy dose of humor. she also did something that so many of us forget from time to time: Roseann thinks before she speaks. And, what a gifted listener she is. I think the world of her and her leadership skills, charisma, and humility. I hope you take the time to read both biographies and Statements. I’ve already voted for Roseann and encourage you to do the same.

Justin Boren, Associate Professor, Santa Clara University

Based on my experiences working with her, I know that Dr. Roseann Mandziuk would lead our association well. She has a clearly articulated vision focused on ways that our association must be a leader in advancing inclusive excellence, especially in important areas such as journal editorships, association leadership, awards, and distinguished scholars. I know that Roseann has demonstrated her commitment to these and many other areas through her work on the AAIC, the Diversity Council, and with the Women’s Caucus.

Greg Dickinson, Chair and Professor, Colorado State University

I’m supporting Roseann Mandziuk for NCA 2nd VP.

Karen Foss, Regent’s Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico

Roseann has the administrative skills, the knowledge of NCA, the credentials as a scholar and teacher that we expect of NCA presidents, and the commitment to creating the kind of community we want NCA to be. She will be a superb representative of our organization. Please join me in supporting her candidacy with your vote. Read full statement: K_Foss endorsement

Steven Beebe, NCA Past President – Professor, Texas State University

Hello National Communication Association (NCA) Facebook friends. I’m so happy to endorse my good friend and colleague Roseann Mandziuk for NCA 2nd Vice President. I hired Roseann as a faculty member my first year as Chair in 1987; it was one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made. She has the experience, intellect, wisdom, passion, and compassion to be an outstanding NCA President. I urge all NCA members to vote for Roseann!

Shawn Long, Senior Associate Dean, UNC Charlotte-2nd Vice President SSCA

Roseann is an exceptional leader with a strong vision about the future of our discipline.  She has represented the Women’s Caucus of NCA for well over a decade and she actively collaborates with other affinity groups within the discipline to move the needle in the area of leadership and diversity.  I can go on and on about how I feel that Roseann is the best choice for this position. She has a proven track record and we would be lucky to have her lead our beloved organization. Read full statement: Long_endorsement

Nina-Jo Moore, Professor, Appalachian State University

NCA friends – I hope you’ll consider voting for my good friend Roseann Mandziuk for 2nd VP. I have worked with her on quite a few things within SSCA and NCA – she is a wonderful choice for this role!

Lynne Webb, Professor Emeritus, Florida Atlantic University

If you are a member of NCA, then you recently received an email providing you with directions for online voting. I write to urge you to consider voting for my friend Roseann Mandziuk for NCA 2nd Vice President. She is a 30+ year advocate of feminist causes, is an award-winning scholar, and was an awesome president of the Southern State Communication Association. I believe that NCA needs proven leadership. If you agree, please consider voting for Roseann Mandziuk!

Jason Munsell, President, Southern States Communication Association

So pleased to support Roseann. Please consider voting for her!!

Suzanne Enck, Associate Professor, University of North Texas

I was super excited to vote for Roseann Mandziuk for NCA’s 2nd Vice President. Roseann has an incredible track record or pushing our field to be more inclusive, ask hard questions, and engage issues of social justice. She listens. She is grounded and pragmatic. She’s bad-ass.

Wendy Atkins-Sayre, Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

I am thrilled to support my friend, Roseann Mandziuk, for NCA 2nd Vice President. I can’t imagine a more capable and wonderful candidate.

Barbara L. Baker, Senior Lecturer, University of Texas-Dallas

Roseann will make a great 2nd Vice President for NCA and I endorse her fully! For those who are members, reminder emails will go out from the National Office on Monday, and the link to the ballot will arrive on Tuesday!

Rebekah Huss Fox, Associate Professor, Texas State University

At a recent SSCA meeting at NCA, someone said “we can wait to talk about strategic planning until the regional conference.” Roseann Mandziuk was noticeably disappointed and said “I can’t wait to talk strategic planning.” Folks, she is our candidate. Hands down.

Ann Burnette, Associate Professor, Texas State University

I’m proud to support my friend and colleague, Roseann Mandziuk, for NCA 2nd Vice President. She has already made tremendous contributions to NCA and will continue to do great things as its leader!

Goyland Williams, doctoral student, UMass Amherst

She is a champion for the underdog, the ones who find themselves working from and within the margins of society, a trusted and wise ear to share complaints, critiques, and successes. Read full statement: Williams_endorsement

Kristen LeBlanc Farris, Basic course director, Texas State University

My friend and colleague, Dr. Roseann Mandziuk, is running for 2nd Vice President of NCA! She is a fantastic leader and person, and we would all be very lucky to have her in this position! Please consider voting for her when the polls open this week.

Michael Burns, Senior Lecturer, Texas State University

NCA friends please consider and vote for Roseann Mandziuk for Second Vice President. She is a champion for underrepresented populations, she is a leader who listens, one of the best professors I have learned from, and her work with SSCA has prepared her for this opportunity. She is exactly what our discipline needs. Roseann restored my faith in our discipline when I was having a career doubting moment. Vote for Roseann!

Facebook Support, September 6, 2018