Reflections from India

As I sit in my residence hall room on the campus of Indraprastha College for Women in Delhi, I have been reflecting on the great honor it is to have been nominated for this most significant role in our association, and I have been overwhelmed by the support and the endorsements I have received.  In the midst of my journey here in India,RM _Humayan I wanted to express my gratitude and my sincere thanks.  Regardless of the outcome, these two endeavors have intersected for me in powerful ways, and I hope to bring back to NCA a wealth of new partnerships with scholars and students here, as well as an expanded personal perspective.  I cannot help but to be guided by the ancient and profound spirits, and the notes of grace, I experience everywhere around me!

Balloting Begins!

I write this post from my guesthouse in New Delhi as I begin my Fulbright semester in India – this is the rooftop garden outside of my room. Because we are 10 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Washington D.C., it already is the morning of Tuesday, January 8th here!  IMG_3795As the link to the ballot from the NCA National Office soon reaches your mailbox, I hope that you will consider supporting my candidacy. Regardless of what happens, however, my nomination has given me the incredible opportunity to interact with so many members, especially at our convention in November, to listen to concerns, and to participate in significant discussions. I have been impressed by your dedication and moved by your passion for research and pedagogy and your visions for the pursuit of excellence.  It has been my great honor to serve NCA in many capacities through my many years as a member of the association, and please know that my commitment to helping to ensure that NCA is a welcoming home for our pursuits, a responsive advocate for our needs and interests, and significant voice for our discipline will continue well into to the future.

Upcoming Election and Fulbright in India

Today I write this post from Chicago O’Hare airport – this is my last stop before I board my flight this afternoon for India, to begin my Fulbright semester there teaching at Indraprastha College for Women in Delhi.   If you would like to follow my adventures there, please visit my blog site:  I am thrilled to have been selected for this opportunity and I am so excited about the challenges and rewards that await me.

The same goes for the NCA Election – I am so honored to be a nominee for 2nd Vice President!  When the ballots open, I will already be three days into my Fulbright journey – both the travel to India and the chance to serve the NCA membership if elected are incredible gifts that have already afforded me a great deal of personal and professional development.  I hope that you will consider supporting me as you cast your vote – it would be my great honor to continue to contribute my skills and talents to enhancing our association and advancing our discipline.

Celebrating the Season’s Gifts

As I suspect was the case for many of you, the post-NCA weeks have flown by as we reengaged with our classes and research tasks, then celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. Now, as the calendar turns to December, more holiday preparations and celebrations await.

These months between the end of the NCA IMG_3687convention and the opening of the ballots for 2nd Vice President and the other association posts offer a time for reflection for me.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to have visited many Division, Section, and Caucus meetings during time together in Salt Lake City.  I enjoyed our conversations and I am grateful for the chance to have shared some of my ideas with you.

I look forward to hearing from our members in the coming weeks if you have questions or comments about my vision for NCA’s future.  All the very best wishes for the holiday season, and then, remember to vote when the ballots open on January 8th!