NCA’s diverse voices

As I await the departure of my flight at the Austin airport, I am thinking ahead to the substantive conversations that await us in Salt Lake.  I always am excited to travel to our association’s convention, and this year I have the added privilege and honor to have the opportunity to address the Legislative Assembly tomorrow, and meet with members throughout the week, to talk about my ideas for how together we can improve our association.

I look forward to sharing my vision particularly related to diversity and inclusion. NCA has made significant strides toward increasing inclusiveness and honoring diverse voices, but as the panels concerning “CommunicationSoWhite” indicate, there is much significant discussion that we need to engage, in order to move forward together.  It does matter, very much, who sits at the table, who edits our journals, whose research is recognized, and who serves in our leadership positions.  I pledge to listen, to learn, and to participate in formulating positive plans for action.